It's official: Freddie Tomlinson is one of the cutest babies ever. Seriously, he just keeps getting more adorable with each passing day and he is basically a mini Louis Tomlinson at this point. Prepare to be hit with a wave of baby cuteness!

Freddie's mom Briana Jungwirth shared a new pic of her little guy on Instagram where he's wearing a customized tracksuit. That dark green outfit emblazoned with his initials FT in the corner as he shows off a beaming, two-tooth smile is pretty much the most precious thing you'll see all day.

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new freddie tomlinson

A little legend that Freddie Reign is at only a year old. And as one fan pointed out with this side-by-side image, Freddie literally is the splitting image of his famous dad.

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BRB, going to go cry forever now. If this little dude starts singing one day, we're going to need a dad and son duet. And while we're at it, let's get Liam Payne and his still-unnamed baby son in this new super-group. The One Direction singers plus their sons, who wouldn't want to see that? Give it a few years, trust us on this one.

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