BTS is taking America by storm. The K-Pop boy band is internationally successful and are gaining lots of traction in the U.S. very quickly. Fans are completely and totally obsessed with the guys. No really, the BTS Army is unstoppable, supportive and incredibly loyal. If you aren't part of the Army we have a feeling, that might change sooner rather than later. The boys, RM, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Jimin, are beginning to do their rounds making stops at all of the most popular talk shows. Most recently, they made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and played a game called 'Flinch.'

Basically, they had to stand behind a glass wall while a piece of fruit was shot out of the mouth a cut out of James' face at what looks like lightning speed. The point of the game is to see if you can stand still – not flinch – when the fruit comes flying at you. There was only one member of BTS that could do it and it was absolutely insane.

LOL! It's important to note that right before Jin's turn he said, "Come on, come on! I'm not afraid, you know!?" Clearly, he was afraid. Jungkook didn't react at all and V just slightly moved which really impressed James – and us to be honest. The boys took their musical talents to the show as well performing their hit song, DNA. Obviously, they brought the heat. Their dance moves, their vocals, seriously just everything with these guys is always on point.

Always. They are so in sync, we actually cannot get over it. Between performances, interviews, and appearances, it's hard to figure out when they even have the time to practice their intricate dance moves. But, somehow, they do. Sorry One Direction, but BTS is the new boy band that is about to – or already has – rock the world.

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