If you think, for even a second, that BTS isn’t about to dominate the entire world in 2018 then it’s time we all brush up on some #FACTS here. The boy band has basically already taken over and their fandom – BTS ARMY – are gaining momentum and followers every single day. The K-Pop boy band has officially busted their way into mainstream United States pop culture and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. To just say that they have become the biggest boy band in the world, would be a generalization. But, we have some information to actually back that statement up. Twitter released some end of the year statistics and BTS came in at the number 1 spot as the most tweeted about celebrity for 2017.

So, basically, EVERYONE is talking about them. They beat out some of your favorite heartthrobs like Justin Bieber who took the number 4 spot, Niall Horan who was number 6, Harry Styles at number 7, Ethan Dolan at number 8 and Grayson Dolan at number 10. BTS surpassed all of those guys which means that they have really made a name for themselves this year.

It’s important to remember that this data is pulled from the entirety of the Twitter universe. All countries, continents, states, and regions who use Twitter were accounted for. BTS not only has a loyal fanbase, but they have followers that are global. They are no longer JUST a K-Pop boy band. They are becoming icons. In the United States, they are becoming the next big thing and no one can ignore that.

And, of course, this isn’t the first time they beat the Biebs at something. They won the award for Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards and told J-14 exclusively what it was like to take home that honor and knock Justin out of the spot. They said it was crazy to win against him because they have so much respect for the “Sorry” singer. Not only that but they were super nervous when they realized who they were competing with in the category. It’s important to note that this was the first time EVER that a K-Pop group took home the Top Social Artist award. It goes to show that they are making waves.

Leave it up to Twitter to prove that BTS is officially bigger than Justin and way, way bigger than Niall and Harry. It’s all thanks to their devoted fandom, to be honest. ARMY takeover is in full force, you guys. Full freaking force.

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