Ever since they were formed in 2012, K-pop boy band BTS has stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world. We mean, with their catchy songs, angelic voices, to-die-for looks and swoon-worthy dance moves, it’s pretty hard not to become obsessed with them.

They’re pretty much all anyone talks about these days. But for those of you that aren’t huge BTS fans, you may have a lot of questions. Like, where did this band come from? What’s so good about them? Who are the members and how do you tell them apart?

Well guys, we’ve got you covered. We went ahead and rounded up everything you need to know about the iconic band, so if you haven’t already, prepare to fall madly in love with them. Plus, we’ve even got an exclusive message from each member! SCREAMING.

From the members to their rise to fame to everything they’ve accomplished, scroll through our gallery for a full breakdown on K-pop band BTS.


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