So what exactly is going on between Cameron Dallas and Hailey Baldwin? That seems to be the question fans are desperately seeking an answer to since the stunning pair was spotted hanging out again, this time out to dinner together. Is love in the air?!

Cam and Hailey were photographed leaving the restaurant Craig's in West Hollywood the other night and let us just say they both were dressed in some rather snazzy outfits that pretty much scream date night vibes.

cameron dallas hailey baldwin dinner 1

They both went with the white and blue theme and the Chasing Cameron star even held the door open for Hailey. How precious!

cameron dallas hailey baldwin dinner 2

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, the duo wasn't alone. Cameron's good friend Darrick Landreneau joined them as well, and it's safe to safe you usually don't bring your BFF along for a romantic date.

hailey baldwin darrick landreneau

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For anyone who watched Cameron's Netflix series, you would know that Darrick often serves as a guiding light of sorts in his life, keeping Cam on the right track. Darrick is very open about how important his spirituality is to him, as his Cameron and Hailey, so it makes sense these three are hanging out. They have a ton in common!

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now that there is something going on between the Web star and the supermodel. They seemed to really hit it off when they were both in Spain modeling for designer Carolina Herrera's upcoming campaign last month, but these two actually go way back. Cameron was actually spotted at Hailey's birthday dinner back in 2015.

So they've been friends for more than two years already! Since they have known each other for quite some time and Cam has been very open about the fact that he's only had one serious relationship back when he was in high school, could they actually be just friends? If they were going to date, wouldn't the sparks have already flown?

Well, Hailey was busy dating Justin Bieber for a while there and building up her modeling career, so girl didn't have a ton of free time. And sometimes, it's not until later in life that you realize one of your friends might actually be the most perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, so that would totally be the case for Cameron and Hailey. There's also this one photo circulating around that although might not be them, looks like the pair getting rather cuddly together.

ADORABLE. The fact that both Hailey and Cameron haven't commented on whether they're an item or not gives fans a bit more hope that these two might actually be dating. They're not outwardly shutting things down, like Cam and his friend Sofia Richie did when everyone speculated they were a couple. Only time will tell, and we'll just be here patiently waiting for more proof. These two are obviously just meant to be!

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