Could it be true? Has Cameron Dallas found love?! Well, he has everyone thinking it might just be possible. That's right, the web star just gave fans a few hints leading everyone to believe he's dating none other than model Alexis Ren. Cameron + Alexis = YES WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Let's break it all down, shall we?

This rumors began swirling after Cam took to his Snapchat story and decided to play a little game with his good friend photographer Bryant Eslava. They were in the car on the way to a recording studio, since Cameron is working on music, and Bryant asks Cam who his current crush is. He begins to answer and while the video cuts out after he starts to say the lucky girl's name, it totally sounds like he's about to say "Alexis."

And there we have the first sign. Sign number two came later that day when Bryant then posted on his Snapchat story a ~shirtless~ photo of Cameron. While we are all #thankful B shared this pic because who doesn't need more shirtless Mr. Dallas in their lives, it's his phone everyone can't stop looking at. Take a look at the background of his lock screen.

cameron dallas snapchat alexis ren

It appears to be a girl, posing in a squatting down position, wearing a skirt and sneakers. Here's a close-up:

cameron dallas lock screen zoomed in

Photo look familiar? That's because it's straight up from Alexis' Instagram.

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sky bubbles @lili_claspe

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BOOM. Need we say more??? So okay, this doesn't prove anything really because it was Bryant who took this pic and Cameron's phone just so happened to be strategically placed in his hand so we would be able to see the background. Bryant is the one who brought these two together for a super adorable, summer-themed photo shoot back in May, which initially started all these rumors to begin with.

And it was clear fans were loving these two together, so perhaps Bryant is in on this too. Or maybe he wants them to come public with their love already and he's giving Cam the little push he needs to confirm what's really going on here. But seriously, how stunning would they be as a couple?

They both can credit social media for their big breaks and have been able to break into mainstream media. They've both modeled for huge brands, Cam has done movies and a Netflix series and Alexis has designed her own line of activewear. Plus, they actually go way back and once tweeted at each other in 2013.

Just precious. The web start community is rather small when you think about it so it makes sense they've known each other all this time. Perhaps it's time their friendship has blossomed into something more since they're both currently single. Cameron was linked to two models who happened to be Justin Bieber's ex-flames, Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin in the past and after Alexis' messy split from her ex-boyfriend Jay Alvarrez, she's been riding solo.

Cameron has been liking a lot of her recent pics on Instagram too, and although it's just a like, it says something, since he currently only follows 152 people. At the moment, Alexis and Cameron collectively have 30.7 million Instagram followers between their two accounts, so it's safe to say they would rule the web world if they really did get together. The king and queen, if you will. But since this whole possible exposing of his true heart's desire went down, Cam has decided to speak out on it all. In his own unique of course. He took to Twitter to show everyone he now has a new lock screen, and it's a very pretty dog.

OK, we see you, Cam. Clearly, he's gotten wind of all the hoopla he caused with having Alexis as his phone background so not he's trying to deflect a little and get in on the laughs. So what does this mean? Does he simply just have a massive crush on Alexis? Or is there something going on between them for real? Time will tell if either of them will flat out ever confirm or deny the dating rumors so until then, we just hope these two ridiculously beautiful people have found happiness. Preferably together. No pressure though.

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