Camila Cabello takes the stage twice at this year's 2016 Jingle Ball concerts. There's one performance where she's completely slaying the game with her Fifth Harmony gals by her side and the next she's getting super close and cuddly with Machine Gun Kelly.


Yup! Camila and MGK recorded a duet together called, "Bad Things" and they haven't left anything up to the imagination while performing it in front of thousands. These two are true stars and definitely know how to get the fans talking! They sing to each other with their faces almost touching. They dance with each other like nobody's watch and to be honest…it kind of makes us blush!

Of course, there's nothing romantic going on between them, but it's clear that they have a lot of chemistry. They would make a pretty cute couple, but for now we're thinking they are just going to stick to a professional relationship!

But…that doesn't mean we can't swoon over their hot photos together.

Click through the gallery and let us know what you think of them!

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