It is Camila Cabello's 20th birthday and it is no secret that she has been having one heck of a year. 2017 started off as her first year as a solo artist since leaving her group Fifth Harmony at the end of 2016, and now her 20th birthday has arrived and it looks like her new year will bring nothing but surprises for her and her fans.

The singer has been hard at work since leaving 5H and it looks like it is all paying off. She attended the Grammys alone to present an award looking stunning and like a complete natural among some of the music industry's most important names. This is quickly shaping up to be the best year and also the best birthday she has ever had.

Not only did she spend her birthday eve in the studio, but she spent it with no other than music producer Pharrell Williams. If this means nothing to you, just know that he is responsible for producing and creating some of the most memorable music for over a decade. Do you remember his song "Happy," the jam no one could get out of their heads? Yep, that is the same guy.

This could only mean that she is preparing her solo album or perhaps a collaboration with the singer/producer that is about to take over the airwaves. Cupcakes in the recording studio are not the only way that Cam is celebrating. The singer got the greatest gift of all when her musical hero Ed Sheeran decided to release his new album Divide on her big day and it even made her cry!

Ed is not the only one releasing new music, though. Yesterday the Cuban singer announced that her collaboration with J Balvin and Pitbull called "Hey Ma" for the new Fast and the Furious movies was also available for pre-order!

Though this is shaping up to be quite a momentous start to her 20th year, Camila continues to be the sweet humble girl everyone knows her to be and her wish for her day is quite simple — she just wants one part of her body to grow a little bit!

She is just like the rest of us and though she is rocking the start to her 20s she is sad to be leaving her teen years behind.

We wish Camila the best birthday ever and we hope she continues absolutely slaying life and enjoying her new age. The best is yet to come!

Wish Camila a Happy Birthday in the comments and tell us if you are looking forward to see what she accomplishes in this new year!

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