Everyone knows that aside from talent, one other awesome thing about Camila Cabello is just how she’s insanely relatable. The girl is not afraid to let fans know that she deals with the same insecurities they do, including sometimes being way too shy to talk to anyone — especially a guy she likes. It’s hard to imagine since she comes off as extremely cool and confident with when she’s up on stage, belting out a song with her bestie Shawn Mendes or having a wardrobe malfunction. But, as it turns out, things aren’t what they seem.

In a new interview with Net-a-Porter magazine, the “Never Be the Same” songstress opened up about how she’s overcoming the need to keep to herself by admitting, “It’s actually my New Year’s resolution, to have more experiences. I work so much that I don’t see people for a long time, and then I forget how to interact with people [socially]. It makes me so nervous. But then I go and push myself and do it, and I remember it’s actually not scary to put yourself out there.”

“Before, I was like, ‘It’s just a part of my personality’. But I know that I have to constantly fight against [being] introverted. Usually, I don’t want to go out and meet a new person — even if it’s a boy I like, I try and make an excuse. It’s constantly something that I have to push myself to do. [But] even though it’s difficult sometimes, it’s always worth it,” she continued to say.

There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself out there, and besides those experiences have served as a great jumping off point for her music — and inspired her to write and perform her own music. As the “Havana” singer continued to explain, she didn’t want to start actually writing about anything going on in her life until she started breaking out of her shell a bit and experiencing some of the things she’d once been afraid of such as a first date and kiss. So it might be safe to say that there might be a song or two out there that she wrote about her ex Austin Mahone.

She said, “With the experiences we had being in the studio, I became super-curious about songwriting and it was around the time — I think it was the second year that I was with the group — that I wanted to start songwriting for other people. But once I was old enough to experience my first kiss, or the first time that I went out on a date, I began writing songs about it, and I didn’t want to give them away to anybody else because they were about me. I was finding my voice, and with it, I found the passion that gives you a deeper meaning.”

Obviously, Camila was able to find her voice, and that honesty is what keeps her so connected with fans. She’s relatable and honest, and tbh we hope there’s an update on what life has been like now that she’s been putting herself out there a bit more.

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