Since Camila Cabello dropped the teaser of her upcoming song “I Luv It,” listeners have been ~loving~ pitting her against Charli XCX due to its similarities to the electro pop singer’s sound. However, Camila is putting those feud rumors to rest!

“I love Charli and I love Charli’s music, so I think [comparing us is] a huge compliment,” Camila said during an interview with Paper Magazine, published on Wednesday, March 20. “Charli loves me, so everybody can f—k off.”

ICYMI, the two sparked feud rumors after Camila teased a snippet of her hanging her head out of a car window while her upcoming song, “I Luv It” played in the background, via YouTube. Followers were quick to notice that the track sounded similar to Charli’s 2020 hit “I Got It.”

Feud rumors escalated after Charli posted a similar video a few days later, of her dancing in a car to “I Got It.”

“Lol,” she captioned the viral post, leading fans to speculate the pop stars were beefing.



♬ I Got It (feat. Brooke Candy, CupcakKe and Pabllo Vittar) – Charli XCX

However, after Camila opened up to Paper, Pop Base created a side-by-side of the duo dancing in their respective cars via X — which Charli reposted and captioned it with Camila’s own lyrics: “i luv it i luv it i luv it i luv it!”

The post successfully ended all feud allegations, and fans were quick to correct themselves.

“and y’all thought they was beefing whole time they’re just having fun,” one user wrote on X, while another suggested to Charli: “you should be on the remix.”

The “Havana” singer has been teasing the release of her fourth studio album since February, when she wiped her Instagram and dyed her hair platinum blonde.

“Six months [into recording], we had a couple songs and [I realized], Oh, this is a character,” she told Paper. “It became a persona that I was tapping into, which was me, but definitely a hyper-femme version of me. [I started to ask:] ‘What are the color palettes of the world this character inhabits? What’s her hair? What’s photography like there?'”

She continued, “This is my fourth time doing an album, which is not that many times to do something. This is the most confident I’ve been. I’ve learned from all of those times where I’ve been like, ‘Okay, maybe I listened to that person and I wavered a little bit.’ I tried to see what didn’t feel good. And I didn’t do it again.”

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