YIKES. The Vamps shared a photo of Camila Cabello on their Instagram and it sent fans into a frenzy. The band shared a pic of the singer sitting behind Tristan Evans drums while holding his drumsticks with the caption, "When @camila_cabello stole @thevampstris's sticks ?" causing major drama in the comments because of their history with Fifth Harmony.

Some thought that the photo was new and that the ex-5H singer was hanging out with the group again, and some even speculated that they were working on new music together now that she is a solo artist since leaving the band, but the caption makes it somewhat clear that this is a throwback photo since they seemed to be speaking in past tense.

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Some users were in the photos comments writing to the band expressing their disapproval. Instagram user janet_cortez60 wrote, "Stay in your lane why post a pic of her if the harmonizers and her fandom don't even like y'all ???."

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Another user under the name lern_jaurello23 wrote, "WHY POSTING CAMILA'S PIC SO SUDDEN? A total attention seeker."

Both groups have had some beef in the past after Brad Simpson was asked in an interview if he was still dating Lauren Jauregui, and when he wouldn't answer, his bandmates tried to step in to take some attention away from the question and they said something along the lines of all of them "having a go" at dating her.

james mcvey lauren interview

Camila even made a statement about sexism in the industry and seemed to take a jab at Brad for not defending his then-rumored girlfriend. She wrote, "the amount of sexism and immaturity is astounding. a man will treat a woman with respect and stick up for her when she's being disrespected."

Since The Vamps and Fifth Harmony had such a good relationship, it was really sad to see all of this happen between them and seeing that the hate between the fandoms is still going strong.

They were both opening acts on Austin Mahone's tour and even joked about becoming one band called "The Hamps."

We don't know what their true intentions were when posting this photo, but it seems quite innocent and a simple throwback photo. Could they possibly be working together in the future? We will have to wait and see.

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