Camila Cabello is having some pretty incredible success as a solo artist and she isn't stopping anytime soon. After leaving Fifth Harmony almost one year ago, the songstress is working on her solo debut album and has already put out some serious in jams including "Crying in the Club" and "Havana". However, there was another reason to celebrate her accomplishments other than just having a few radio hits so far in her solo career. Camila's track, "Havana" has actually gone to number 1 on the Official Singles Chart in the U.K. and her family went absolutely bonkers over the news.

She told the Official Charts Company, "We all went crazy. You have to celebrate things like this because you never know if it's going to happen again. My mom screamed. My dad doesn't scream, but there were hugs – and maybe a small scream from him in a masculine, fatherly way." This is freaking so adorable and Camila just proved that her family reacted the same way any other family would react if their daughter just pulled off something this great.

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Not to mention, the celebration may have been even sweeter knowing the fact that Fifth Harmony was never able to pull this off themselves. The closest they got was a number 2 spot in the U.K. for "Work From Home" and a number 4 spot in the U.S. Clearly, Camila is bringing the fire and fans are totally fueling it.

Camila snagged her number 1 award at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London where she addressed the attendees and said, "Oh my god… I'm beyond over the moon. I'm so happy. I'm so excited!" She told Official Charts. "I'll definitely be celebrating with my team. Right now I'm getting ready backstage to do a performance, but whenever we find out amazing news like this we definitely flap – we scream!"

The songstress is ready to take on the world and isn't looking back at her girl band days. Of course, she's grateful because it's where she started but she's looking ahead to her album which will drop in early 2018. She has high hopes for it. She explained, "You only have one chance to make a debut album and at this point, I have so many songs I’m passionate about. You know those albums where there are clearly songs that aren’t as good as the singles? I want every song to be single-worthy."

Our fingers are crossed that she gets to scream with her family on more than one occasion once that debut album is in the hands of her devoted fans.

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Alejandro Cabello's Instagram

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