One thing is for sure – Camila Cabello might be young, but she has gone through a lot in her life. Starting with her big move to the United States from Cuba with only her mom by her side to catapulting to stardom with Fifth Harmony, she has experienced a lot. And that is an understatement.

In a new issue of Glamour magazine, the 5H star and her mom Sinuhe opened up about the fears of moving alone with her Camila. Her mom said, "We flew from Cuba to Mexico, and went by bus to the American border; it took a month. We left everyone behind, my friends, my family. My fear was that my husband wouldn’t [ever] be able to come."

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Not only is this heartbreaking, but it's really scary because the starlet and her mom had no idea what their future held. Camila reportedly only held a baby doll during her travels. However, the "Bad Things" singer also explained what she used to do to feed her passion for music.

The songstress said, "I started bringing my CDs to the YMCA after school; I’d ask for the boom box and go play my music in the corner and people would come over. And I created a little YouTube channel doing covers — I must have posted 50. Even though I’d be like, 'Oh my God, this is so bad,' music was the thing I was passionate enough about to get over being shy. After seeing a One Direction ‘tips on auditioning for The X Factor (USA)’ video, I asked Mom if I could audition."

Of course, the rest is history. But, just because Camila is a huge star now doesn't mean she doesn't revert back to her childhood days of being scared. Her mom revealed, "I have never met someone who can confront her fears in the way she does. I can tell she’s terrified, but she doesn’t stop. She always asks me, ‘Do you think everybody knows [I’m scared]?’ And I’m like, 'No, nobody can tell.'"

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And she's right, no one can tell!

This story is truly inspiring and it's kind of amazing to see Camila talk about her life and who she was before Fifth Harmony. The tidbits from her mom are so candid and raw, that openness is hard to come by today.

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