Camila Cabello is getting ready to take the musical world by storm on her own, and she may have just broken some major news about some music that fans may be getting much sooner than they expected.

This all started over the weekend when the “Hey Ma” singer stealthily changed her profile picture on Twitter and Instagram to the same beige colored image, which she also posted three times without a caption on the popular picture-sharing app.

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Fans immediately began flooding the comments section with questions as to what exactly this all means. Many assume that these vague images are all pointing to signs that her debut single is finally going to premiere within the next couple of weeks or even days!

The singer continued to remain quiet about what exactly is going on, but she did send out a one word tweet that has fans over the moon and absolutely excited about whatever is going to come their way. Camila simply tweeted out the question, “ready?” To which fans of course took as a major announcement and began freaking out.

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Although she didn’t specify what exactly everyone should be getting ready about, this pretty much all but confirms that her debut solo single is on the way. Music is what fans have not just been waiting for, but it is what they also have been preparing and anticipating to hear from the singer ever since she announced her heartbreaking exit from Fifth Harmony.

Until Camila decides to give away more teasers or make another announcement as to what she will be surprising fans with, keeping an eye on her social media seems like the best way to get any and all answers.

Hopefully she will at least release a single name or announce a release date in the next couple of days!

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