The day Camila Cabello officially parted ways with Fifth Harmony is one that is forever ingrained in fans' minds. But here we are, more than a year later since Camila embarked on her solo career and her solo album is a mere few days away from being released. And as for 5H? Well, they're doing just fine too, having released an album as a foursome simply called Fifth Harmony and keeping on being the fierce AF girl group they always have been.

Now while we're not here to stir up any drama, everyone is naturally curious as to what exactly went down that led to Camila's departure. When the group sent out their statement she had left, Camila fired back with her own message to which Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen and Ally Brooke Hernandez responded back to again as a group, There was some back and forth and not much clarity but one thing was clear, there was tension. Fans just want some more solid answers as to how, when and why this rift came about and since Camila has unfollowed the girls on social media and they've done the same to her, it's clear they are not all friends anymore. Now, Camila is opening up about exactly why she really won't ever get into the messy details about all the behind-the-scenes drama and whether she quit or was asked to leave the group.

"A lot of my fans were, or are, fans of the group. I don't like to ruin the dream. They believed in something that's beautiful. I'm sure with One Direction, too, nobody really saw behind the scenes. You just see the dream," Camila said to Rolling Stone.

fifth harmony

OK, so you can tell it's still a bit of a sad topic for Camila to look back on and the fact that she mentions One Direction is very interesting. Zayn Malik abruptly quit the band mid-tour and he spoke plenty about how he overall wasn't ever truly happy in the band, which no doubt crushed many hearts. (Mine included if I'm being honest here.) Perhaps this was Camila's subtle way of letting us know how she felt too without really saying anything specific. Basically, it looks like we probably won't ever get any real tea from Camila and the remaining members of 5H made it clear they won't be spilling anything either. We all remember when they appeared on Dan Wootton's Bizarre Life podcast and after they apparently had agreed to candidly speak about it all, but weren't really into answering any of Dan's questions.

"Yeah, well right now we're really focused on each other. We're so excited in the now and we have so much more to look ­forward to, so that’s kind of where we are at right now," Ally Brooke had said with Lauren adding in, "Can we not talk about that? Like, what is this?"

The lesson to take away here: we should all give up asking of these ladies what really went down since out of respect for their fans, they're keeping the details to themselves. Camila is fully set on releasing her solo album into the world and Fifth Harmony has moved on without her. Maybe it's time we all do the same. Finally.

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