Any Riverdale fan knows that part of what makes the show so special is the fact that the cast is super close IRL. Their friendships are nothing short of adorable, and the fact that they put this all out on social media for us to get glimpses into their actual off-screen relationships is priceless. One friendship that stands out is the bond between Camila Mendes and Casey Cott

Veronica and Kevin are pretty friendly on the show but in reality, the actors are legit the best of friends. Since yesterday happened to be Casey’s 26th birthday, Cami took to her Instagram Story to post some pics that perfectly highlight their relationship. And she even shares the first selfie they ever took during the filming of the Riverdale pilot episode.

casey cami first selfie
Instagram Stories

How adorable is that?! She followed up that precious photo with a more current shot of the pair snuggling on the couch together with Cami writing, “Cut to about 2 and half years later and you’re one of my closest friends.”

casey cami
Instagram Stories

Umm, seriously, how cute is that? Now for those who might be shipping these two, you’re going to have to hang up that dream since these two are just friends and clearly have no intentions of ever dating. Cami has a new boyfriend who isn’t an actor and is someone she’s known since high school. As for Casey, he was seemingly dating actress Stephanie Styles, but it appears they might no longer be together, at least from the social media stalking we may have done. So while Camila and Casey aren’t a couple, we are forever grateful for their adorable friendship. That will last forever.

Check out more of the BFF duo’s cute pics in the gallery below!

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