Imagine getting the chance to legit snuggle and get up close and personal with your celeb crush? We’re talking the bug ones here: the guys of One Direction, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber and Cameron Dallas level. You would FREAK OUT, especially if you get photographic evidence of this unbelievable moments. Well, there are some lucky few out there who have gotten the chance and they legit could care less. We kid you not.

So who had this opportunity and didn’t really relish in it? Well, it’s actual dogs and cats. Yes, it’s animals who are so not excited to be getting rather cozy with some of the hottest celebs out there. Since you know, they’re just animals, they actually don’t know or even care that they’re in the presence of these mega-babes, hence their rather unamused and unimpressed expressions in photos. Take a look for yourself:

Seriously, this is just all kinds of amazing and hilarious at the same time. You can always count on animals to keep it real and that’s why we love them oh so much. Plus these photos are just goals all around.

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