We can’t believe that prom season is already here! And you know what that means — shopping for cute dresses, getting decked out in jewelry, and of course, watching super cute prom proposals on social media! But of course, not everyone is lucky enough to get asked to prom or attend with dates. Believe it or not, even celebrities have ended up going solo in the past.

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In 2011, Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell actually went to her prom without a date, but that didn’t stop her from having the best time ever.

“I was dating my first boyfriend in high school for a long time, and we broke up before prom. I hadn’t met anyone else that I really wanted to go with, and my friends have always been amazing. So I went with my friends and got a million photos with them!” she said.

It totally sucks that she had to deal with a breakup right before prom, but we love that she made the most of it with her friends! And if you ask us, it seems like Shay had even more fun than those who did have dates!

So if you’re feeling glum because you don’t have someone to take to your own prom, just think about all the fun you can have with your besties. Of course, we know it can be tough if the rest of your friends already have dates, but you know what? That just means you have the freedom to mingle and connect with new people, all while you’re having a blast with your own gal-pals!

Check out our gallery to see which celebs proved that you can have just as much fun when you go to prom solo!

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