This year has given us a ton of controversial moments that left us all raising our eyebrows. If you take a look back, you’ll realize that some celebrities have told super inappropriate jokes while others, like Katy Perry, threw major shade at other stars. However, these moments didn’t cause nearly as much backlash as these celebs’ offensive social media posts.

In March, Bella Thorne shared a pic of herself wearing an authentic fur coat and fans were literally outraged.

bella thorne fur

Photo Credit: Instagram

She captioned the photo: “When you’re a tomboy and trade in sweats and kicks for ….#ootd #shoes #basic #mirrorselfie #hellomarch #supertuesday #positivevibes #girlpower.” And when fans responded negatively, she added “(Dear internet Trolls, it’s faux fur…).” However, she soon took it down because it turned out the jacket was made of genuine arctic fox and rabbit fur. Yikes!

We’re sure the actress didn’t intend to offend anyone, especially since she said she didn’t know the fur coat was real. However, that didn’t stop fans and animal-lovers from calling her insensitive.

Stars like Selena Gomez, who fired back at a fan for calling her out on her lack of involvement in the fight against police brutality, have also learned the hard way that you can never be too careful about what you share on social platforms. But more importantly, we’re hoping that these celebs will be a little more sensitive in the new year.

Check out our gallery to see celebrities’ most shocking posts that led to major controversy.

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