Taking on new movie or TV roles can take a lot of hard work, especially when celebrities are required to change their appearance. But in most cases, we’ve seen that actors are always willing to go the extra mile for their on-screen roles — even if that means dyeing their hair a new color!

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For example, Cameron Boyce ditched his dark curls and went for bleach blond locks when he played Carlos in The Descendants. But we imagine it wasn’t much of a hassle for him, considering how much he had to deal with when he got into his costumes!

“We had maybe five different outfits that were all amazing in the movie,” the star said. “So you’re coming into your trailer like, ‘Oh! What am I going to wear today?!’ And then I had so many accessories, I had bracelets, and watches, fur, and like, tails and all sorts of stuff that I was wearing. So the shirt and the pants were easy, and then you get on the boots, but after that? It’s like mayhem!” he said.

See if you can spot the hidden messages in Cameron’s different hairstyles!

Whoa! Talk about overwhelming!

But aside from Cameron, stars like G. Hannelius and Debby Ryan have also proved that they’re willing to go above and beyond for their on-screen roles by rocking dyed hair!

See which other popular actors have changed their hair for acting gigs!

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