Going back to school is exciting for many reasons. It’s just so much fun to start planning your first day of school outfit, pack up your backpack with fresh school supplies, decorate your locker – oh, the list goes on. For many however, the back-to-school thrill comes with a hefty dose of nerves – and that’s normal. School can be stressful, and the best of us experience an embarrassing moment here or there. But don’t freak – all you have to remember is that a cringe-worthy experience is bound to happen to all of us at some point. And more times than we’d like to admit, it involves a wardrobe malfunction. Just ask your fave celebs. Stars like Kelsea Ballerini, Nash Grier and more have all had some serious fashion fails at school – proving style mishaps are something you can look back and laugh about.

Kelsea Ballerini walked through the halls with her skirt tucked in her underwear.

kelsea ballerini

“On picture, day, I had gym class right before I had my picture taken, so I quickly changed out of my gym clothes back into my normal clothes,” she exclusively told J-14 in an interview. “I had this skirt on, and I walked all the way from the gym to the cafeteria with my skirt tucked in the back of my underwear. Basically, I had walked down every hallway with my underwear out – not cute!”

Nash Grier spilled food all over his outfit.

nash grier

“I had a whole tray of food that just spilled on me, and I had wet clothes all day. It was the first day of school!” he admitted an in an interview.

Ashley Tisdale got her clothes soaked by a sprinkler.

ashley tisdale pool

“My most embarrassing moment was when I flipped over the first hydrant when I was running in P.E. in high school. I was looking at a senior guy and he was running in the other direction. It was bad – it was like out of a movie, I swear! I landed on my hip, and the sprinklers were on so I was soaking wet!” Ashley revealed.

Tyler Posey flashed his gym class.

tyler posey

“It was my final for gym class. You need to be in your gym uniform, otherwise they’ll mark you down 50 percent. I didn’t have shorts, so I borrowed this girl’s sweatpants and for some reason there was a slit in them – I don’t think anybody saw, but you never know. That was awkward,” he confessed in an interview.

Bea Miller wore a cringe-worthy ensemble.

bea miller

“My first day of like fifth grade, I wrote an all brown outfit with like a little brown hat. It was a mess, like literally everything was brown – and I thought it was so cute, and looking back that’s just such a mess,” she confessed in an interview.

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