It’s a question every girl has to ask herself at some point or another — are you more of a unicorn or a mermaid? Ok, like, chances are you’re just a regular human being who either leans towards pastel hair or scale leggings, but you can’t avoid how we’re all collectively obsessed with mythical creatures right now. And you probably feel strongly about one or the other, but what about your favorite celebs?

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Well, it’s worth pointing out that there are certain qualities that make someone more of a unicorn versus a mermaid. Unicorn girls lean more towards a sparkly, sugar-sweet, hyper-feminine sort of aesthetic. They’re dainty, but by no means weak (we mean, you don’t mess with someone who has a horn coming out of their forehead). Mermaid girls, however, tend to be feisty, high-spirited, and uh… usually, but not always, rocking some seriously long locks. Bottom line is, there’s a definite divide, so let’s examine who in Hollywood would be on Team Horn vs. Team Fins.

Check out the gallery to see which of your favorite celebrities would be Team Unicorn and which would be Team Mermaid!

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