It's one thing to see celebrities get into major feuds on social media, but when another star decides to step in and take sides? Well, that's a whole different story.

In most cases, these stars are only making an effort to calm the waters before things get too out of hand. However, there are others who only end up making these conflicts even more intense — whether it's by sparking more angry fan reactions or starting a whole new feud altogether.

Take, for instance, the time when Azealia Banks accused Zayn Malik of stealing her ideas when he released his music video for "Like I Would." The former One Direction member made one comment in response and it immediately sparked a homophobic Twitter rant. However, Skai Jackson stepped in, defending Zayn by tweeting: "Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little."

Of course, Azealia didn't take too kindly to the Disney Channel star's comment and replied, "And you need to grow some hips… Stay in a child's place." Yikes! To this day we can't believe how quickly that sparked a different feud!

But you'd be surprised to know how often this has happened in the past, from Katy Perry's bold comment about Taylor Swift being a hypocrite to Bella Thorne's decision to get involved in another celebrity couple's fight!

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