Hollywood might be full of young stars with celebrity parents — but there are also many up-and-comers who come from adopted families.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actress Lana Condor, for example, is one of those adopted stars. The Netflix personality has been very open about her own adoption experience throughout the years. Her and her brother were both born in Vietnam, and she was adopted when she was just four months old.

“I was born in Vietnam, and I was adopted by an Irish lady and a Hungarian man, and then I moved to America. So, in a way I grew up in a mixed household, because my brother and I are Asian, and our parents are white,” she explained. Lana told Teen Vogue in an August 2018 interview of the importance of showing mixed families on screen.

“And, I think, it’s important to show mixed families anyway, because that’s real life. Personally, I felt so comfortable and felt very understood,” she added. “There’s a misconception that I can’t relate to the quote-unquote ‘Asian-American experience’ because I didn’t grow up with an Asian mom and dad. And that’s just not true.”

Lana continued, “I am Asian American, and so playing a girl who is half Korean, half white, but her white dad tried really hard to connect with her mom’s heritage — that’s very familiar to me. My parents always wanted me to learn about my culture and tried to make me eat Vietnamese food. I don’t eat meat, so that was a little bit hard for me.”

Along with Lana, Jacob Sartorius revealed to fans he was adopted in a heartfelt video from August 2016. Even though he hadn’t publicly spoken up about it before, Jacob wanted to tell fans about his story and how he ended up with “two of the most loving parents in the world.”

“Although I grew up in Virginia like most of you know, I was actually born in Oklahoma. At the time, my birth parents weren’t able to take care of me, so they made a plan for me to be adopted,” he explained. “Luckily for me, I was blessed to be able to be adopted by two of the most loving parents in the world, my mom and my dad.”

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