Noah Centineo plays a newbie lawyer with the CIA in Netflix series The Recruit, a differing role for the actor who has been notoriously typecasted as the soft, romantic male lead in movies like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Perfect Date. Following the premiere of The Recruit on December 16, 2022, word on season 2 has been up in the air. Keep reading to find out more on a potential second season.

Has ‘The Recruit’ Season 2 Been Confirmed?

The Recruit season 2 was confirmed by Netflix on January 27, 2023. “I know I speak for our entire cast and executive team at eOne and Netflix when I say that we are thrilled to be returning to The Recruit for a second season,” Noah shared in a statement. “I’m looking forward to seeing what Alexi Hawleyhas in store for us all.”

The show’s creator and producer Alexi already has some ideas brewing for a second season.

“I learned a while ago that you can’t really live in fear of what happens if you don’t get a next season,” he told Vanity Fair in December 2022. “You’ve got to really take a big swing. With 9,000 shows on the air, you have to be as dramatic as physically possible, and so that was what we did.”

It’s unclear when the second season will premiere, but some reports claim sometime in 2025.

What Is ‘The Recruit’ Netflix Series?

The Recruit follows Noah’s character Owen, who is a bumbling new lawyer for the CIA. He’s given the task of going through all the letters the organization has received from people threatening to reveal classified information. Originally a rather mundane task, the job takes a turn after Owen is found in the middle of “power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime.”

“He thinks he’s working as a lawyer — the truth is you’re never just a lawyer at the CIA,” Noah explained of the eight-episode series in a September 2022 interview with Netflix’s Tudum. “There’s so many more things going on, and that’s the world we explored with The Recruit.”

The series is inspired by the life of Adam Ciralsky who began his career as an attorney for the CIA and now works as an award-winning journalist and producer. Ahead of the show’s premiere, Adam even set up a meeting at the real CIA headquarters in Virginia, where Noah met real CIA workers and asked questions about their jobs. Noah was thrilled when some of the intelligence employees shot back with the agency’s infamous nonresponse: “We can neither confirm nor deny.”

“That’s my favorite,” Noah told Vanity Fair. “We were trying. At least three times, we got one of those [replies].”

The Recruit might be a surprise for fans of Noah, whose Netflix projects usually fall along the rom-com genre. “Obviously, I love Netflix and I want to continue working with them.” Noah explained. “[But] I knew I didn’t really want to do another romantic comedy.”

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