Remember when Harry Styles posted a pic of his chopped-off ponytail on Instagram? We still haven't recovered from that moment! And even though the One Direction singer's new 'do gives him a new and improved look, we'll forever miss his gorgeous locks and epic hair flips.

But aside from Harry, stars like Justin Bieber and Zac Efron have also shocked us with their hairstyle transformations — which, as it turns out, are usually well-thought out ahead of time. Like, remember when JB dramatically got rid of his dreads and completely changed up his look? His hair stylist Florido said that wasn't just a spur-of-the-moment decision.

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"The haircut was his idea," Florido said. "He's always very adamant about doing things differently than what everyone else is doing."

"It wasn't like he went to a random salon and shaved it himself and is lashing out."

It's nice to know that these celebrity guys didn't change up their looks on a whim — especially since transformations this dramatic typically cause us fangirls to have mini-heart attacks (we're still traumatized from Harry's cut, remember?).

Check out the gallery to see more celeb guys whose hair transformations totally changed their appearance.

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