From Bella Thorne and her post-Disney breakup hairstyles to Kylie Jenner and her bevy of blue-greens, celebrities love their rainbow hair. The allure is easily understandable: between our obsession with looking picture perfect for Instagram and our obsession with being a literal unicorn, who wouldn’t want to pick up some baby pink hair dye and go wild? We do have to admit though, celebrities tend to do crazy colors better than us and definitely more often.

Why? Two reasons.

  1. Being in the constant public eye sometimes urges one to change up your look to keep up interest. Having a swirl of turquoises and seafoam curls one week and a multi-colored underlay the next week will definitely keep up interest.

  2. Celebrities have all the resources to make their rainbow hair dreams, which pretty much makes our rainbow hair dreams come true, even if we’re currently in between dye jobs at the moment.

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So although we can’t change up colors as frequently, we get to live vicariously through their hairventures on social media, hitting “Like” hard on all the gorgeous rainbow locks, eagerly waiting to see what color they’ll try next. And ok, while we’ll admit we can’t help you with that first part, we can take a glance of what to expect from Hollywood’s dye-crazy girls next.

We decided to take a few of rainbow-hair-loving celebs to the salon (Salon Photoshop, that is) and test out what could be/should be their next color. Because even if they’re currently on a break from unnatural dyes and are enjoying quality time with their natural shade, the rainbow will always be calling.

Check out the pics to see some of the colors your faves have embraced, and what we recommend they try out next!

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