Anyone who listens to one of Charlie Puth‘s songs knows he puts his emotions out there, always willing to share the inner workings of his mind in his music. He’s pretty much an open book and in a new interview, he got super candid about a seriously scary time in his life. Basically, the 26-year-old singer was overworking himself so much, there was a time when he legit thought he wasn’t going to survive.

Speaking to Elvis Duran, the “Attention” singer went into detail about how back in 2016, he was pushing himself into overdrive constantly working that he became very ill and feared he would die.

“I thought it was going to be easy. I canceled two significant tours when I first starting touring because I was working way too hard and I was being mismanaged before my sister came on board and fixed everything. I almost died a couple times,” Charlie said. “There was a picture of me in the hospital and I almost died, it was bad. I thought I was going to die because the doctor had told me my immune system had depleted by like 75 percent and I hadn’t been healthy in a year and I couldn’t recover. It was just because I was trying to make as much music as I could while I was on the road and trying to impress everybody.”

Charlie Puth Hospital

That is so scary and we’re glad to hear that Charlie now knows his limits and is surrounding himself with a team who has his best interests at heart. The photo he had shared of himself in the hospital understandably worried fans.

And canceling his tour — while not something he wanted to do — was simply necessary in order for him to get better.

“Unfortunately I have to cancel the remaining dates on my Don’t Talk Tour. This is the last thing I want because I love being on the road performing and meeting every one of you. You are the reason I can do what I love most for a living and I am so thankful,” Charlie said at the time.

Well now, he is obviously doing much better and able to still make all the music he wants and see his fans while remaining healthy!

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