Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes became the best of friends while out on tour together but at first, well Charlie had a different impression of the "Mercy" crooner. We all know Shawn is a super talented singer and songwriter and we dare you not to totally swoon when he's jamming out on the guitar. But Charlie wasn't sure how ~authentic~ Shawn was at first, and he didn't really think his tourmate actually composed his own music and lyrics.

"He’ll hate me for saying this, but I just assumed he had other people writing most of his material. But when he sat down and just started singing melodies, kind of like I did, I was like, 'Wow! That’s really impressive.' Don’t judge a book by its cover," Charlie said in an interview with Billboard.

How wild is that?! Well, it's obvious Shawn proved Charlie wrong during the many shows they played together and Charlie revealed they had some jam sessions that turned into the guys actually writing together. He said they "started something really cool" musically, but an official collab has yet to happen since both guys have such hectic schedules. Maybe in the future, we'll get to hear the magic they made together out on the road and get a proper duet of some sorts. Charlie did work with Liam Payne on Payno's hit "Bedroom Floor" so anything can happen. And now Charlie know Shawn actually can make his own — very good— music. Possibilities are endless.

Besides learning that Shawn can, you know, write songs, Charlie gained a new sense of confidence from being the opening act on Shawn's Illuminate Tour and that was all thanks to the fans who came out to every show.

"I’m always going out on stage wondering if people are going to sing along with me. [Shawn] has songs that obviously everybody knows. All of his fans there, die-hard fans, will sing every lyric back, but seeing that so many times and having some of his fans sing every lyric of my song back — and being so excited to see me — it injected this newfound confidence in performing. I was moving differently on stage," Charlie explained.

OK, now that is something magical right there. So no pressure guys, but we'll just be here waiting for that song from the both of you now.

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