The Bakers are back! The highly anticipated Cheaper By the Dozen remake premiered via Disney+ on Friday, March 18, and according to the cast, there was never a dull moment on set.

Gabrielle Union (Zoey Baker) and Zach Braff (Paul Baker) play the matriarch and patriarch of the blended Baker family in the new film, which is a reimagined version of the 2003 movie of the same name. Caylee Blosenski (Harley Baker) tells J-14 exclusively that her onscreen parents came to set every day fully equipped with “a lot of advice” and lots of jokes.

“Zach, let me tell you, that man — he is so funny,” the newcomer gushes. “He came to set with different jokes every day and really brightened up the room. I don’t know how they did it.”

Agreeing with his onscreen sister, Leo A. Perry (Luca Baker) tells J-14 that one special memory in between takes was having a “life talk” with Zach. He also recalls the days when everyone would be on set together.

“[Gabrielle] was just like always trying to keep all the kids together, so we don’t get too crazy,” he shares. “There were three scenes with all of us in it, and we were just going crazy because we’re all in the scene! It’s just so many people because it’s the dogs, then it’s 10 kids, then it’s two grownups, and then, extra two grownups. It’s just crazy. That’s literally 16 beings just roaming around a house!”

Twins Sebastian and Christian Cote (Bronx and Bailey Baker) remember the Bring It On actress giving the youngsters some major acting advice as they continue their careers. “If you mess up your lines, just keep on going,” the brothers explain. “Even if it’s very funny.”

When it comes to playing the Baker kids, all the stars love something different about their characters.

“I love the attitude she brought and … feel like she brought the family together. She reminded people what family really meant,” Caylee says about Harley. “She wasn’t afraid to speak up for things that she believed in, and if she saw something was wrong, she would obviously tell everyone that it was wrong.”

Of course, the cast all watched the original movie.

“Each of the movies has something unique about it because it was a different time that it was being made,” Caylee explains about what sets their version apart. “This remake has a lot of modern-day issues and shows [that] families come in all shapes and sizes — and definitely aren’t perfect, especially with 10 kids. I definitely feel like the realization that family always has your back and you can really turn to them.”

Cheaper By the Dozen is now streaming on Disney+.

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