Amigas, Cheetahs! Adrienne Bailon, most well-known for her role on the Disney Channel franchise Cheetah Girls, surprised the world by announcing the sudden birth of her first child via surrogacy in August 2022 with husband Israel Houghton. Her son, named Ever James, is a cutie pie and the Disney alum loves to show him off — she even created an Instagram for the newborn! Keep reading to uncover the cutest photos she’s posted of her son.

While the announcement of her son via surrogacy was a surprise, Adrienne has previously opened up about her and her husband’s struggle to conceive on her talk show, The Real, sharing her experiences with failed IVF treatments.

“I got to be honest, even the process of surrogacy can be quite nerve-wracking,” she told People Magazine in August 2022. “Somebody else has your child with them. We call it extreme babysitting for nine months. It can cause you to be really anxious. You’re just thinking, ‘Oh, is everything going OK? What’s happening?’ I feel like having people ask me, ‘How’s everything going?’ That was going to make me that much more anxious, so I just wanted to have peace and have a little joy that I could hold for myself every day and something to look forward to.”

The process of the surrogacy was so mentally tolling that she decided it would be better left outside of the public’s eye. “It was important to me for my own mental well-being and for my family,” the Cheetah Girls star shared. “I was just like, ‘I’m just not going to say anything.’ It was actually very peaceful that way. You didn’t have other people’s opinions.”

She called the moment her son came into this world an “absolute miracle” during the “incredible birthing experience.”

“We had multiple doulas. I had a doula for me. She had a doula for her that looked after her for aftercare,” Adrienne continued. “Same for me, someone that was there for me emotionally, anything that I needed physically. It was a family affair and absolutely beautiful.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the cutest photos of Adrienne and Israel’s son, Ever James.

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