They may be Cheetah Girls, but they’re not always cheetah sisters!

Throughout their years on Disney Channel, rumors swirled that Cheetah Girls members Raven-Symoné, Kiely Williams, Sabrina Bryan and Adrienne Bailon didn’t always get along. The foursome joined forces in 2003 when Disney Channel’s The Cheetah Girls movie first premiered. They stayed together for a second film before the That’s So Raven alum parted ways from the group. The three remaining members made the third movie, Cheetah Girls: One World, without her.

After years of speculation as to what went wrong behind the scenes, Raven and Kiely cleared the air during an Instagram Live in April 2020 and spoke about the tumultuous relationship between the Cheetah Girls.

“The cliquish way that there was during that movie made me feel excluded from my original team,” Raven explained at the time. “Not that it was strong to begin with, but I felt excluded. … We have other things that just led up to that moment that just were weird, personal outside of business.”

Upon hearing this, Kiely offered Raven a formal apology for any bad blood there might have been in the past.

“I would never try to hurt you on purpose,” she shared. Raven replied, “Well, I appreciate that, sweetheart, and I release any pain toward you that I have and I cancel, clear and delete it.”

While two of the members were able to clear the air in a public manner, Kiely and Adrienne still have tons of drama between them. In the same Instagram Live, Raven begged her former costars to resolve their issues.

“Adrienne’s my girl. [You should talk to her even] if only to say, ‘[Let’s] be on one carpet together once,’” the Raven’s Home star said. “If only to say that. That would be fun for us, not just for everybody else.”

Kiely and Adrienne’s relationship goes back way before their Cheetah Girls days. Prior to becoming part of the Disney Channel family, the twosome were members of the now-defunct 3LW girl group. Although it’s unclear exactly when the ongoing feud between them started, Kiely wondered during the same April 2020 Instagram Live, “Why do I have to talk Adrienne?”

The singer claimed that her former bandmate “didn’t come to my dad’s funeral or call me when he died.”

“No, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be messy but I’m being for real with you,” Kiely told Raven. “You can say what you want about me, but you can never say that I didn’t f–king ride for Adrienne. You can’t say that. I didn’t do anything.”

Adrienne, for her part, has never publicly spoken about their issues. Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of the Cheetah Girls feud. 

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