If you’ve seen an episode of Riverdale, then you know the one and only Cheryl Blossom‘s signature color is red. From her stunning hair color, her outfits, her lipstick, and even her snazzy, new, leather Serpents jacket, they’re all a flaming shade of red. It’s 100% her signature color and since Madelaine Petsch, the 24-year-old actress who plays this beloved character, is a natural redhead, it truly all just adds to the essence that is our dear Cheryl.

cheryl riverdale
The CW

And since we rarely ever see Cheryl without her bold red lip or the color somehow incorporated into her whole look, that means it’s basically off limits to the other characters. We kid you not! Camila Mendes, the 24-year-old starlet who plays Veronica Lodge, admitted to Elle that she was excited to wear red lipstick to a fashion show she attended since it’s not something she can do when she’s playing her character. And we know these actors spend a ton of time on-set, in these roles! 

“I don’t get to do a red lip too often. On Riverdale, red is Cheryl’s color, so we’re not allowed to venture out of our color palettes,” Cami said.

veronica and cheryl
The CW

So it really is true: Madelaine is the only one of the leading ladies who gets dibs on the bold red lip. Going with these shade on her pout is something she had to get used to since it’s not something she ever did before the show. 

“I was always afraid to wear oranges and reds, which is so ironic because red is all I wear on the show. I ended up loving it,” she dished to The Huffington Post, as reported by “The Tea” newsletter. “On the show we use Covergirl Outlast. Every single episode.”

She wasn’t lying, that’s for sure! And now we’re going to be keeping an even closer eye on each of the character’s colors once Season 3 starts airing to see if anyone ever gets a chance to wear some red. Highly doubtful because our girl Cheryl is forever the Red Queen. Sorry not sorry.

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