As the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants!

Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are giving their shippers multiple hints that they are dating again. The pair called it quits, reportedly for good, at the beginning of September. However, now their most recent Instagram posts suggest that they have been hanging out again.

It's true that these two have been friends for years, so this could all be something super innocent. However, there's evidence that shows that their hearts are really connected and they just can't stay away from each other. Seriously, if fans think about it, this could turn out to be the greatest love story ever!

Brooklyn posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Can't wait till may ?."

Andddd, whose hair does that look like?! Chloe's, of course. Let's remember that this is all speculation, BUT one fan commented on Brooklyn's photo and said, "last week Chloe posted this similar photo on her live i.g the only difference is that she showed her back (not edited)." Hmmm…

No one is quite sure what will happen in May. Could it be that Brooklyn will be back in Los Angeles for the summer and he'll be able to hang with Chloe whenever he wants? Could it be that she'll spend her summer there without having to travel at all? It's obvious that whatever happens in May, he's super excited for it. The message alludes to the fact that he'll be able to chill on the beach with his lady love once the time comes.

However, this isn't the only clue pointing to the ex-couple's rekindled relationship! Chloe posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "?."

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While this is super cute, her caption is the most telling. Chloe actually commented the SAME half moon emoji on Brooklyn's photo. Oh yeah, and she liked his photo! This is seriously insane. These two have always been super private about their relationship. They have only walked one red carpet together and that was after they had been on and off for what seemed like forever. It's pretty cool that they are trying to give their relationship another chance.

Since they broke up, rumors had swirled that Brooklyn was actually dating Sofia Richie. Now, that Justin Bieber is trying to win her back and these cryptic Instagram posts have been shared by Chloe and Brooklyn, the stars may have realigned.

There's really no telling what Brooklyn and Sofia had since they never confirmed any of the rumors either. Plus, they weren't seen showing any PDA so their hangouts could have been very friendly and just blown out of proportion.

One thing is for sure, Chloe and Brooklyn aren't ready to let their love go forever – just yet.

Do you think they will officially get back together? Let us know in the comments below!

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