Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham dated on-and-off for years before calling it quits earlier this year. Since the split, Brooklyn has seemed to move on, as he’s reportedly dating Lexy Panterra, but Chloe hasn’t really been linked to anyone, that is, until now! The 21-year-old was just spotted kissing model Kate Harrison — and they couldn’t look happier!

The actress, who starred in a movie called Miseducation of Cameron Post, which is a about a teenage girl finding her sexuality, has worked hard to spread the message that you shouldn’t assume anything about a person’s sexuality. Before this, she’s never openly discusses her sexuality, but she did, however, call herself an “advocate and an ally and an activist for the LGBTQ community,” to The Independent.

“I think what’s important is don’t assume anyone’s sexuality,” she said. “I mean, across the board, don’t assume. I think it comes down to the line that’s in the movie, ‘I don’t see myself as a homosexual, I don’t see myself as anything.’ These are all societal pressures that we’re being labeled as. We’re all human, trying to be with the people that we fall in love with, and be the best person that we can be. But don’t assume people’s sexualities. And don’t project your own issues onto them. Why don’t we let people be who they wanna be?”

The actress, who has two gay brothers, also opened up about growing up in a very conservative area.

“I grew up fighting on [my brothers] behalf because it broke my heart to see that yes, they can stand up for themselves, but people wouldn’t listen,” she told Gay Times. “So I took it upon myself with their blessing to go out there and talk about it, and to tell people, ‘Hey, being gay is not a big deal at all. But be proud and be out there and raise the flag high. Be a part of the community, and be for the community.’ It was never a question to me whether or not I was ever going to be an advocate, and what that meant to my heart and how it shaped me.”

While Chloe hasn’t said anything about this possible new love in her life, girl looks happy and that’s all that counts!

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