Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have had a tumultuous relationship – to say the least. But, their most recent Instagram posts prove that they are not only back in each other’s lives but they are also miss each other a lot. Brooklyn just started college in New York City and Chloe presumably spends most of her time in Los Angles which isn’t the greatest dating situation. But, with so much history, these two never stay apart for long. The distance has seemingly become unimportant in the whole scheme of things. Both Chloe and Brooklyn just left the sweetest messages for each other on social media and it’s hitting us right in the feels.

Watch the video and check out what they both had to say about their relationship on Instagram.

Aww! With everything Chloe has going on, we have a feeling she travels to the Big Apple quite a bit making it easier to be with her BAE. There’s no telling when they officially got back together because Brooklyn was actually seen kissing Madison Beer in a mall just a few short weeks ago. Maybe this has been a long time coming. Maybe they decided that they really can’t live without each other just recently and decided to let the world know as soon as possible. Regardless, they are adorable and we hope they reunite soon. Because, really, we just need a new selfie of the pair.

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