Chloe Lukasiak was a staple in the original cast of Dance Moms. She was besties with Maddie Ziegler, she was actually a really good dancer and her mom was a spitfire, which made for incredible television. But, as we’ve heard time and time again, the girls didn’t have the greatest experience while filming. I mean, for anyone that’s ever even watched a second of the series knows that Dance Moms patriarch Abby Lee Miller was a total witch.

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She was the dancer teacher that everyone was afraid of. She legitimately instilled fear, or so it seemed from where viewers were sitting, in the minds of her students. Everyone’s mouths were kept shut, though, because the girls were good – they were really good.

Not only that, but outwardly talking about Abby would be putting your own reputation in the studio and in public at risk. Now that the boss lady is behind bars, the girls are speaking up and that includes Dance Moms favorite Chloe! She’s returning to the Lifetime series and could care less about what she reveals from the early days of Dance Moms. Our ears and eyes are wide freaking open.

Chloe may have been a bit shy and quiet years ago but things have definitely changed – see what she said about Abby Lee and her entire experience with Dance Moms in the video below!

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