Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza always seemed like super close co-stars, but there was more going on behind-the-scenes that fans may have realized.

In a new interview, Aubrey actually admitted that her and Michael dated for awhile! They met on set and got super close while filming their movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and did something totally in secret once the filming wrapped.

Aubrey said, "I dated [Cera] for a long time…A year and a half. We drove across the country after we shot that movie and almost got married in Vegas."

OMG! Can you imagine if they actually went through with it?? This would have been as epic as Shia LaBeouf's recent Vegas nuptials! So what went wrong? She doesn't touch on that exactly, but Aubrey does mention that even though this former couple isn't together now there is still a lot of love between them.

She admitted, "We love each other. We're still really good friends. He's just a weird little freak and we speak the same language. He's one of the funniest people I know."


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