Cobra Starship is officially breaking up, after about 12 years together! Lead singer Gabe Saporta announced the news on the dance-pop group's website, saying that they had made the "difficult decision to close the book" on the project. Although he's thankful for his time with the band, he says that it's time to "move on" from his project with bandmates Nate Novarro, Victoria Asher, Ryland Blackinton, Alex Suarez, Eric Halvorsen, and Andy Barr.

He says that he started the band in order to "reconnect to music" in the "carefree, pure, and less complicated" way that he did when he was 12 years old, and started playing the bass guitar:

To me, the most rewarding thing about Cobra Starship is that we were successful not because we played the game, but because we broke the rules and paved our own way. There was something magical about how everything came together, and we were blessed to have your support and to see our dreams materialize. However, I know that sometimes when things go on for too long, that magic can start to fade … And as hard as it is for all of us, I would rather close this chapter of our lives and be able to look back on it fondly than allow something that means so much to us stagnate. My only hope is that we were able to be the backdrop to some of your fondest memories, and that those experiences have positively impacted you in a permanent way.

However, this isn't the last you'll hear of Gabe. He announced that he's starting a new company called The Artist Group with his friend Mike Carden. While the details are vague, it seems like they're starting a supportive platform for artists. That's also pretty cool!

Are you sad that Cobra Starship is over? What do you think will happen with their new project? Let us know in the comments!

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