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Coco Jones has starred in multiple projects on the Disney Channel, from Let It Shine to So Random! One of her most memorable roles was Kelsey, Teddy's friend and volleyball teammate on Good Luck Charlie. Obviously, we had to ask her about her iconic character, Kelsey, and what it was really like behind the scenes.

In fact, she even shared a hilarious on-set secret!

"Good Luck Charlie was such a fun show, and Kelsey was really crazy and extra LOL. A funny memory from set is the stunt double they had to play me cheerleading — it was so funny [because] her name is Kiki and my name is Coco — she looked a lot similar to me so, it was just kind of bizarre we both had a good laugh about it," she EXCLUSIVELY told us.

So what is Coco doing now? She's focused on her music career, and just released an amazing new song, "Miss Me When I'm Gone." The artist opened up about her personal connection to the track, and it's super-inspirational.

"'Miss Me When I'm Gone' was an important song for me to release because I feel like this song has a healing quality to it. With the world in as much turmoil as it is, I felt as though the song needs to be heard now more than ever," she told us.

What do you think about Coco's new song? Click through the gallery to see more photos of her from her Disney days, and let know in the comments!

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