If you watched Hannah Montana, you were probably a Jiley shipper. Jake Ryan and Miley Stewart were pretty much, meant to be together, right? Well, Cody Linley recently opened up about playing Miley Cyrus' fictional boyfriend — and he revealed a major secret about their kissing scenes! Apparently, the crew would add a hilarious spin to filming them.

“Every time Miley and I would have a kissing scene, the prop guy would always have a fart machine somewhere and make the sound. And Miley would, you know, go, ’Larry'," he told MTV.

He also explained that the reason fans got to see their entire kiss is because they filmed their first kiss episode in 2006, back before Disney had a rule that kisses can't be too long. (That's why we really only got to see the end of Lilly and Oliver's kisses.) Cody also revealed that he's a Jiley shipper, and thinks that they would have ended up together if his character hadn't cheated on Miley.

“I think that it was just such a match made in heaven. I even thought that we were going to be together, and it was so sweet, cause Miley was I think kinda bummed that they wrote my character out [of the show], but you know it’s a show, there is only two ways they could go with it, so I was happy for the time that I had," he said.


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