All grown up! Lucas Till starred alongside Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana: The Movie when it premiered in 2009. The actor played the role of Travis, who fell madly in love with the fictional Miley Stewart (and Hannah Montana) after she moved back home to Tennessee.

“They must be still running that on the Disney Channel because that movie came out seven years ago, and I still have little girls come up to me,” Lucas told Parade in 2017 about his breakout role. “I say, ‘You were like 3 years old, how do you even know that?’ Hannah Montana gets no disrespect from me because it’s certainly done me a lot of favors.”

While the Texas native had a few roles before appearing in the Disney flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie definitely put his name on the map. After starring in the fan-favorite musical movie, in which Lucas did participate in the “Hoedown Throwdown,” he also played Taylor Swift‘s love interest in the “You Belong With Me” music video.

When it came to locking lips with both of his leading ladies, Lucas said he was a huge fan of kissing Taylor.

“I liked kissing Taylor a little more,” he told MTV in 2009. “Maybe I do [have a crush on her]. Maybe I have since I was 16.”

After becoming a heartthrob, Lucas started to nab more movie roles. After appearing in a few action and superhero blockbusters, he became the star of CBS’ MacGyver reboot.

“Some days it can be a little stressful because you have to problem solve, even though it’s all there and they’re telling you what to do. Sometimes they don’t even know what it should look like, and you’ve got to put your own style into the MacGyvering of it,” he also told Parade about playing the role. “I learned how to make elephant toothpaste. Basically, it just expands really fast, and I use it to save the day in an episode. I learned how to make an endoscope using a Swiss Army Knife, a cell phone camera, cell phone and chewing gum. Some of the stuff is debatable as to whether or not it works; some of it actually does work.”

Over the years, Lucas has definitely made a name for himself in Hollywood! Scroll through our gallery to catch up on the actor’s life from his Hannah Montana days to now. 

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