Back in 2009, we all collectively fell a bit in love with Lucas Till. He was the cute cowboy who stole Miley Stewart's heart in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Then, just as he was at peak crushability, he starred as Taylor Swift's love interest in her music video for "You Belong With Me." With his Texan good looks and gorgeous blonde hair, it's safe to say we were smitten.

And it wasn't just us! Lucas was rumored to have dated his co-star Miley Cyrus, and we know he dated Taylor swift as well. Years have passed now (in fact, he just turned 27 today!), and we were wondering whether Lucas is still a fan of the cowboy chic look, so we did some digging.

He has gone through more than one hair transformation.

Lucas has been on a hair-raising journey, literally. At the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie, he modeled some early-Justin-Bieber style hair, which was all the rage with teen heartthrobs at the time. Since then, he grew out his hair. A lot. And looks totally different with it!

lucas till long hair

It seems that his new look didn't quite pan out the way he thought. Lucas tweeted "I thought long hair would be fun. But then it started getting really in the way."

That was in 2016, and since last year he seems to have rethought his extra long hair. He is currently looking just as handsome as we remember, but now with slightly shorter hair.

We love his new hairdo, which seems like much less of a hassle to keep tamed. So yeah, we're pretty much still in love with him.

He plays the lead character on the CBS show MacGyver.

Since his days on the big screen, Lucas has been starring on the TV show MacGyver. It's about an agent at a secret government organization, who solves complicated problems with his skills in science and logic. If it sounds slightly familiar, that's because it's a reboot of a show by the same name that showed back in the 1980s.

lucas till macgyver

It's coming back for its second season in September, so it's safe to say Lucas is doing pretty well.

He's a total action-hero nerd and has appeared in a couple of X-Men movies.

In addition to his TV gig, Lucas has starred in a bunch of movies. They cross a few genres, but one definitely leads the pack: action movies. He's played Havoc in X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, among others. This isn't a coincidence. Lucas is a huge fan of action movies and heroes, so getting to star in those kinds of movies is pretty much a dream come true for him.

Don't worry, this interview made us swoon too.

He's single (we think).

That's right ladies, you heard me. Lucas is currently a single man. he broke up with his previous girlfriend, actress Carlson Young, a few years ago. Based on his current Instagram, there is no girl in the picture at the moment for the 26-year-old actor.

Although they were a totally cute couple, we can't say we're complaining that Lucas is back on the market.

He still knows how to rock that down-home style.

The Texan native may be all grown up, and regularly walking red carpets in a tux, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his roots. He recently posted this cute pic on Instagram, sporting a plaid shirt reminiscent of his costumes back in his Hannah Montana days.

We love that he combines his sleek new look with some homestyle charm. Dream man.

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