Hearts everywhere swelled with so much love and sheer happiness when sources basically confirmed Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are indeed dating. If you're a Riverdale fan, then you know their characters Jughead and Betty's romance on the show has become an instant favorite of the series and knowing these two are actually a couple is enough to send the fandom into overdrive. Seriously, a dream come true for us all.

jughead and betty kiss

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But if you were hoping to be flooded with cuteness overload from the actors, well Cole has entirely just crushed that for us with one Instagram pic. Since word spread a mere few weeks ago that these co-stars are more than friends after they were spotted getting cozy at Comic-Con, we've all been waiting for some sort of confirmation on social media from these two that, you know, they're all happy in love. We know they must be spending tons of time together since they're currently filming Season 2 of the show as we speak, and there was a glimmer of hope. Cole posted a really cool photo on his IG of someone with blonde hair posing in the water. And who did he tag on those blonde locks? LILI OF COURSE.

cole lili instagram tag

Could we be getting another stunning photo shoot starring his leading lady? Cole has snapped pics of Lili before, but since he initally posted this photo, Cole has untagged Lili from the pic.

Our initlal reaction to this puzzling situation:

betty riverdale

Cole then followed up though with another pic from this same setting/shoot of someone's arm. And we're going to go out a limb here and say that this is indeed Lili.

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So why would Cole delete this tag??? Well, perhaps he didn't want to draw any extra attention to his art and here we are all freaking out over these pics, so we see where he's coming from. Cole has said in the past he never has any intention of ever publicly speaking about his personal life so we legit will never get any sort of confirmation one way or another from him. Like ever. So that leaves us to rely on our girl Lili. She did share a truly beatiful message to her rumored main squeeze for his birthday, which of course, he gave a little red heart and liked it.

lili cole birthday post

Ss for now, it seems like this is the extent of PDA we're going to get from the pair. Well, good thing their characters are oh so in love on Riverdale and those two give us plenty of adorbale moments to obsess over, since Sprousehart is keeping things super low-key. Shout-out to Bughead for once again being the best fictional OTP. Technically though, Lili and Cole haven't commented on the state of their relationship and with Cole suddenly removing that IG tag might've been him trying to remove any more attention, he pretty much is telling us there is more going on. He wants to keep their love story under wraps which we totally understand and respect but bro, that tag and untag is just fanning the flames. And we are here for it all.

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