In case you haven't noticed, we love Cole Sprouse. We loved him back in his Suite Life of Zack and Cody days with Dylan by his side. We loved him back in his NYU days when we low-key stalked his adventures away from stardom. We love him as Riverdale's bizarrely dreamy best boyfriend ever, Jughead Jones. But the place we love him the most is Twitter where, incidentally, he spends a lot of his time shading himself.

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Why? Well, he's weird. He's a weirdo. He doesn't fit in. Or, no, more eloquently put, Cole just happens to be effing hilarious in that Jughead-esque, self-deprecating way (or wait, is Jug actually Cole-esque?). And while yes, occasionally he and Dylan will both drag each other and their formerly sweet Suite life, Cole is usually best when he's poking fun at himself specifically.

Scroll down to see just a few times a Cole Sprouse on Cole Sprouse roast left us in hysterics.

1. When he acknowledged he could be the worst kind of internet commenter.

But would he do it on YouTube? Because that would be unforgivable.

2. When he put his best face forward.

Too pure for this world.

3. When he came out of retirement FOR THE FANS.

Obvi he had to stay relevant so we could hang onto our Suite Life fold-outs forever.

4. When he felt personally victimized by Google.

It's bad enough being mistaken for Dylan all the time, but IMDB won't let him shake off his (timeless, immortal, iconic) role as Cody Martin.

5. When he threw it back to his days on the streets.

Nobody was as thug.

6. When he wasn't sure his younger self was worth trusting.

It's important info nonetheless.

7. When he assured everyone he had grown into a capable young lady.

Isn't she lovely?

8. When he failed this quiz with flying colors.

Although Cole Sprouse wouldn't think Cole Sprouse is cool.

9. When he was haunted by the past.

Lookin' straight outta Holland right there.

10. When he was feeling single AF.

But oh, if we could only be one of Cole's cats.

11. When he was legit possessed.

V v concerned.

12. When he crowd sourced his new look.

Go get all the roles.

13. When he validated his life's purpose on Twitter.

He suffers for his art.

14. When he gave a shout-out for all the girls who thought he was a hard pass during the Disney Channel era.

Although for real tho we couldn't imagine what another puberty could do for him. ?

15. When he showed that some bonds are unbreakable.


16. When he assured people you could go to him for election advice.

Cole understands that you should vote based on your favorite Disney Channel star's personal preference.

17. When he reminisced about being a little creep.

Oh, memories.

18. When he had hot weekend plans.

Really the best actor of our generation.

19. When he entered the real world.

Clearly Cole has made the switch from child star to serious actor with grace.

We ❤️ you.

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