Social media star Noodlerella, whose name is Connie Ella Glynn, has been hospitalized after she was ran over by a car this past weekend! She shared a collage of photos with her followers on Instagram and Twitter and opened up about the accident in the caption.

“Oh boy am I a cautionary tail right now. I got back from San Francisco at about 2pm yesterday then went for a walk outside my flat and managed to LITERALLY GET RUN OVER!!! The car came from the side and knocked me down then the wheel went right over my leg ARGH!!!"

"No matter how old you are or how many times you cross the road you need to be SO VIGILANT! I’m incredibly lucky that only my leg got broken, and I’m counting my blessings honestly! I’ll keep you guys updated over on Twitter as I’ll likely be having an operation today or tomorrow. Stay safe everyone,” the British YouTuber told her followers.

Even though the accident happened on Friday, the surgery to fix her broken leg did not happen right away. She shared that it got placed on hold after people with "life threatening surgeries came in.”

Yikes! We feel so bad that this happened to her and really hope she heals quickly! And she is totally right, you are never too old to look both ways before crossing the street.


Can you believe this happened? Write her a sweet get well message in the comment section below!

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