A new twist on love and friendship is being put together in the film called Cupid’s Proxy. It stars Jet Jurgensmeyer from Disney Channel’s Adventures in Babysitting and Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple as Justin. He’s a young man who lives with his mother Rebecca, a widow who isn’t quite ready to jump into love or the dating scene. He’s recruited by his neighbor Olive, who runs an advice column all about love called Call Me Cupid to help with a column. That spirals out into him developing his alter ego, Cupid’s Proxy, and when he receives a letter from his guitar teacher Stewart – he sees it as an opportunity to take matters into his own hands, and help his mother find love.

We here at J-14 are premiering the trailer, so you can get a better glimpse at this feel-good flick. Cupid’s Proxy also stars Valerie Azlynn, Steve Byrne, Carolyn Dodd, Rex Linn, and Jackée Harry. Watch the trailer below to see just how this story begins, and be sure to check out the movie when it hits VOD on September 12, 2017!

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