If you've heard of Musical.ly, you've probably heard of Musers Cole Galotti and Danielle Cohn. They are super popular and they are also dating which is v cute. But, lots of drama has been going down lately and Cole wants everyone to know that he absolutely did not cheat on his girl. Let's take things a step back, shall we? Lots of people didn't even realize these two had a thing for each other! Now that everyone has got that clear, the Internet world is buzzing about their age difference. Danielle 13 years old while Cole is 16 years old and people are super confused.

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Yikes. So, it's safe to say there aren't a ton of fans that agree with the 3-year age difference going on here. Of course, there's, even more, drama on top of that. Can you imagine such a thing?! Several rumors have made their way online accusing Cole of cheating on Danielle just hours after they publicly started dating. Now, he's here – well he's on social media – to set the record straight.

Everything started when Photoshopped tweets were posted of conversations between Jake and another girl. He is completely denying everything and continually saying that the pics fake. But, he IS owning up to the fact that he did have a relationship with this other girl. He claims this relationship happened way before he got involved with Danielle. Hmmm, okay good to know. Here's what he had to say exactly.

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Still, after all that, people are convinced the tweets and photos are real. Because we'd like to believe that Cole is a good person and Danielle would totally kick him to curb if he did anything of the cheating nature, we're going to go with the theory that these two are happy and in love. They sure have expressed how much they miss and love each other on social media recently so then it must be real, right? RIGHT.

We don't know about you, but we can't remember the last time we've run into someone's arms as enthusiastically as Danielle did. Nothing can bring these two down. Cheating scandal? No way. Photoshopped tweets? LOL. Time away from each other? Not a chance. The heart wants what it wants.

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