Talk about an awkward situation. During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Demi Lovato admitted that Nick Jonas helped her write a breakup song about his older brother Joe Jonas.

Aside from revealing a pretty funny detail about her having a crush on the guy who played Barney and their first jobs, the "Confident," singer admitted that the track “Gonna Get Caught,” from her album Don’t Forget, was written about the DNCE frontman.

Nick got on the topic about the song by dishing on how long they knew one another, how Camp Rock ultimately led to the two becoming friends and how they were “in school, shooting the film at the same time, and also writing music about my brother.”

Demi chimed right in by admitting, “It was so funny. I was a little burned at the tender age of 15 and what do you do? You write a song about it, right?”

The singer was then asked who burned her and she replied, "His brother Joe. I was writing my first album and writing a song called ‘Gonna Get Caught,’ and he was in the room. We were all writing together, and he was like maybe it has a happy ending ya know? I was like no! I think he gets caught and everybody sees he’s a heartbreaker and Nick’s like, ‘Why don’t we just write the chorus.’ It was like going back and forth, it was so funny. Poor thing, he’s been stuck in the middle for a while.”

Talk about an awkward situation. It’s a good thing everyone was able to get past it all and remain friendly. Not to mention it’s pretty funny they can all have a good laugh about something so uncomfortable.

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