When it comes to body positivity and learning to love the skin you're in, we are all on a journey together. Anyone who has ever made the effort to look in the mirror and try to think more positively about what they see knows that some days are good days, and others are way more challenging. This is something that Demi Lovato is currently going through, and she's sharing her experience with fans to let them know they're not alone.

Demi has previously been very open and honest about her own struggles with body image. From bravely opening up about her eating disorder to sharing that she has changed her fitness routine to be more about taking care of her body than feeling pressured to look a certain way, the singer has become a major voice in the body confidence conversation.

Now, Demi posted a series of tweets that show that even her constant fluctuation of body perception is better than the past struggles she's gone through.

demi body tweet

"Sometimes when I'm having bad body image issue days, I remind myself that I'd rather live in freedom from my eating disorder than worry about what people think about my body. I am more than a number and a jean size. F–– yeah!" she posted.

Demi also took to Instagram to share a photo of her legs, and say that she's not going to stress about being thinner. "I don't have a thigh gap and I'm still beautiful the way I am. #recovery #selflove #EVERYbodyisbeautiful," she shared along with her pic.

In theory, we all know that fitness, health, and happiness mean way more than a jeans size, but it can be really difficult to think that way in real life. Demi's tweets remind us that even celebrities have insecurities that they are working through – and sharing our stories with others can help us all deal a little bit better.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Twist magazine.


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