People should know not to mess with Demi Lovato by now — especially when it comes to her besties. Evidently one interviewer didn't get the memo, because after he dissed Selena Gomez's stint in rehab and choice to get back with Justin Bieber right to her face, she made sure he knew to never do that. Like, ever again.

During the interview, the host said, "I feel like when you went to rehab you were real with it. You did it and you came out the way you are. I personally feel like some artists go to rehab to try and get that publicity in a sense. I could be completely wrong, and I know you're close with Selena Gomez. How do you feel about Selena not only going to rehab, but coming out and getting back with Justin Bieber who is kind of on a downward spiral?"

Demi was not having it and started cutting him off before he even finished the question, saying, "Well, umm, I actually won't speak about that at all. I'm really here to talk about my tour and my music."

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